hybrix is a highly inclusive distributed platform environment to network and manage digital forms of value transfer, interlinking other decentralized networks. It solves the problem of a currently fragmented ecosystem of solutions in digital ledger technologies and alternative economies. The hybrix network runs through a collection of decentralized nodes and puts a lot of power at your fingertips.

hybrix overview

Connect to every blockchain

hybrix provides several methods to easily interact with distributed ledgers and data sources. This enables you to connect your application to a multitude of blockchains!

Beginners start here

If you are just a beginner, it is best to try and learn about blockchain by experimenting with the REST-API. Without difficulty, you will be able to get balance values for any cryptocurrency, or retrieve the fee needed for sending a transaction to a blockchain system. You may also experiment with decentralized storage, validate addresses or read data directly from processes. The blockchain world is your oyster, go wild and experiment, and above all... have fun!

Seasoned developers

More advanced developers will most likely want to use the Javascript library to enable their application to talk to hybrix. This makes it possible to build powerful client-side applications. The library also talks to the REST-API when necessary over an encrypted channel, and it offers useful functions to construct and sign your transactions client side.


This Application Programming Interface can be used to retrieve information from hybrixd.
returns the balance of the Bitcoin address 13JQwoSLLR3ffXwswe2HCTK9oq4i8MWK3q.

  • Retrieve balances
  • Retrieve transaction history
  • Address validation
  • Push transactions
  • Ecrypted and compressed communication channels
  • Retrieve client side code

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hybrix Javascript Library

This library can be used to connect software to leverage the capabilities of the hybrix platform. It serves two purposes: first to facilitate the logistics of interfacing with the hybrixd REST API, secondly to handle all client side operations securely and privately. This ensures that keys required for transaction never leave the users device and communication over an encrypted channel.

  • Seamlessly interface with hybrixd
  • Handle all client side operations securely
  • Encrypted channels
Live example




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hybrixd daemon

The hybrix platform environment can be run on your own personal computer or server by downloading the daemon called hybrixd. This makes it possible to host your own wallet, be your own bank and have a powerful multi blockchain system at your fingertips.

./hybrixd /asset/btc/balance/32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ.

  • Connect to a plethora of blockchain and ledger systems
  • Get formatted information from different sources
  • Push deterministic transactions to decentralized ledgers
  • Execute Qrtz script applications

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