This Application Programming Interface can be used to retrieve information from hybrixd. The requests are formatted as forward-slash ('/') separated commands (similar to a website url or file path.)


/asset returns the assets supported by the hybrixd node.

/asset/btc/balance/32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ returns the balance of the Bitcoin address 32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ.

/command/reload reload hybrixd and reinitialize modules and recipes.

(root only)

/proc returns the list of processes running on the hybrixd node.

/proc/1543921378626236 returns the progress and result of process 1543921378626236.

The response will be in JSON format. For the balance request /asset/btc/balance/32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ this will be of the form:

{"error":0,"info":"Process data.","id":"1543921378626236","progress":1,"started":1543923093402,"stopped":1543923093695,"data":"0.00000000","request":"/asset/btc/balance/32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ"}

From which we see that the balance on this address is 0.00000000.

Two-Stage Requests

For some requests, the response will consist of a process reference. This means that the response to your request is not yet finished, but you can follow up on it using the given process id.



{"error":0,"info":"Command process ID.","id":"id","request":"/asset/btc/balance/32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ","data":"1543921378626236"}

The same is true for the following request.



{"error":0,"info":"Process data.","id":"1543921378626236","progress":1,"started":1543923093402,"stopped":1543923093695,"data":"0.00000000","request":"/asset/btc/balance/32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ"}

hybrix JS library

To facilitate integration of the API into you Javascript projects we have created a library. This library will handle two stage request and all client side steps for the encyrption and signing of transactions.

Read more about the hybrix JS library »


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/assetAssets are cryptocurrencies or tokens. List all available assets.
/commandExecute a direct command to hybrixd.
/engineEngines are scriptable modules that can be built to do a variety of tasks. List available engines.
/help Display help as html.
/listProduce standard property lists of assets, sources or engines.
/meta Provides the api routing tree data
/proc List all processes.
/report Report utility UI
/sourceSources are read-only information providers. List available sources.
/versionDisplay version information. Get version.
/xauthCreate an authenticated session channel for a encrypted communications.
/ychanSend an encrypted request through the session channel and recieve an encrypted response.
/zchanSend an encrypted request through the session channel and recieve an encrypted and compressed response.