hybrixd daemon

The hybrix platform environment can be run on your own personal computer or server by downloading the daemon called hybrixd. This makes it possible to host your own wallet, be your own bank and have a powerful multi blockchain system at your fingertips.

Download for Linux/MacOS

Getting started

hybrixd can be run on the following operating systems:

  • GNU/Linux
  • MacOS (Darwin)

hybrixd requires NodeJS ( We recommend using NodeJS version 8.12 or higher.

To install hybrixd download the release above, and extract the zip file to your computer.

You can now start hybrixd using the following command:


Using hybrixd


Browse to http://localhost:8080 to access the web wallet.


Use http://localhost:1111 or http://localhost:8080/api to access the REST API.

The distinction between the 8080 and 1111 ports is that the first is for public access and the later for restricted root access.

You can perform API calls using a browser or curl commands:


curl http://localhost:8080/api/asset/btc/balance/32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ

See also: REST API reference.

Command line interface

Perform REST API calls from the command line by using:

./hybrixd /asset/btc/balance/32FCGFdRGeho2HBeWQPaAYawJfPqHHvsCJ.

./hybrixd --help
to view available command line options and browse to REST API for reference.

Configuring hybrixd

General settings for hybrixd can be configured using the configuration file: hybrixd.conf

See hybrixd.conf.example for an example configuration.

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