Web wallet

Our web wallet is part of a standard hybrixd node installation. It enables users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies in a completely decentralized way, and is big on privacy, by not storing any user data. You can use the online wallet in your browser on any device (including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows).

Go to the (hosted) web wallet >

Quick start

Generate a secure login

Go to https://wallet.hybrix.io. Click on create a new account and move your mouse or swipe your screen to create a very secure random account ID and password. Never use a wallet on public Wi-Fi.

Save your login in a secure place

You are responsible for storing your account login in a secure place. The wallet is big on privacy, so it is not storing any user data. Thus, your login credentials can’t be recovered.

Transfer your first crypto coins

To transfer your crypto coins to the wallet: go to Assets > Receive Transaction and copy the displayed address.


Which browsers does the wallet support?

Using the wallet requires JavaScript. Additionally, an up-to-date browser is required. If your browser is not supported, you will receive a notification when trying to open the wallet. When this happens, you can download or upgrade your browser to the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Are mobile devices supported?

Yes. Currently, the wallet is accessible for iOS and Android devices in your browser.

How can I customize my wallet?

When you have set the basics of your wallet (the assets), you can further customize your wallet. In the menu in the top right you can:

  1. Add contacts;
  2. Change the currency in which the current value of the assets is shown. This is standarized in USD, but you can change this into the currency you like.

I cannot log into the wallet, what should I do?

If you cannot click the Sign in button, the Account ID and Password are incorrect. Please, make sure the Password is correct. In the Password, the numbers "0" and "1" are never used; instead, the capital letters "O", "I" and "L" are used.

If you still cannot log in, try clearing the browser's cache and/or try using a different browser. Some users have experienced issues with Safari on iOS and macOS.

Why did my current balance disappear (N/A)?

Sometimes your amount can seem to disappear in the current wallet. The wallet will display 0 or N/A. This means the API for that blockchain is too busy to respond. Some cryptocurrencies have this more than others. For example: Counterparty (XCP) and Omni (OMNI) often respond very slow. Your tokens and coins are not gone. They are still there, and can be sent when the blockchain responds again.

If you want to check the amounts of your assets in the meantime you can check your addresses in the different block explorers:

  1. Click on the asset you want to check the balance of;
  2. Click on Receive;
  3. The address of the asset is shown. Copy this address;
  4. Go to a block explorer of the asset you are looking for (you can find a lot of explorers per asset on www.coinmarketcap.com);
  5. Copy the address into the explorer to see the balance.

What are the fees for using the wallet?

We do not charge fees for using the wallet. The fees for transactions are the transaction (or network) fees that the network imposes on transactions. For example: when you want to transfer ETH from your wallet, a transaction fee has to be paid to the Ethereum network. Your wallet calculates this fee automatically.

This is also true for tokens. When you want to transfer a token distributed on the Ethereum network, an ETH fee is imposed to pay the Ethereum network for the transaction. This means you need to have ETH in your wallet to pay for the transaction.

The same is true for the other blockchain systems supported in the wallet.

Is my financial data safe?

Yes. Because of how the system is built, we can not have access to your financial data. All your keys and data are created client-side, and only stored where you write them down. We can not see what’s in your wallet and your password is never sent over the network.

Can I put tokens and coins from different blockchains together in one wallet?

Yes! All supported crypto-assets can be stored in one wallet.