Web wallet

We host the Internet of Coins web wallet that is also available as part of a standard hybrixd node installation. It enables users to store and manage their cryptocurrencies in a completely decentralized way, and is big on privacy, by not storing any user data. You can use the online wallet in your browser on any device (including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows).

Go to the (hosted) web wallet >

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Quick start

Generate a secure login

Go to https://wallet.internetofcoins.org. Click on create a new account and move your mouse or swipe your screen to create a very secure random account ID and password. Never use a wallet on public Wi-Fi.

Save your login in a secure place

You are responsible for storing your account login in a secure place. The wallet is big on privacy, so it is not storing any user data. Thus, your login credentials can’t be recovered.

Transfer your first crypto coins

To transfer your crypto coins to the wallet: go to Assets > Receive Transaction and copy the displayed address.